Newer Hacker Cards

Wraith235 took my ball and ran with it with this set of cards, updated to include information from SR4A and Unwired. These cards were made with the Magic Set Editor, originally designed for Magic: the Gathering, but reworked for use with Shadowrun.

Wraith235 didn't stop there. He's also created a comprehensive list of Matrix actions, complete with dice pools (and in some cases, dice pool modifiers and rules).

Wraith235's Hacker Cards (40 MB ZIP)

Wraith235's Comprehensive Matrix Actions List (42 KB ODS)

Classic Hacker Cards

I've made a deck of cards for hackers in Shadowrun, Fourth Edition. Now you can see which programs you have loaded in your commlink, or use them as a reference for your complex forms. Either way, you'll enjoy the useful information on each card, which lets you know what each program does and what you need to roll.

The cards need to be printed and cut out. I highly recommend putting them in card sleeves along with a card to back them; I use some old Shadowrun CCG cards I have lying about. The circles just above the text are for you to fill in, to show the rating of each of your programs.

Download Hacker Cards (full color) (1.3 MB PDF)

Download Hacker Cards (greyscale) (883 kB PDF)

Shadowrun Dice

Here are some pics of my Shadowrun dice. I just took some blue dice with white pips, colored the 1 with a red Sharpie, and the 2-4 with a blue one. I can't begin to tell you how easy it's made rolling dice and finding hits, and it's relatively simple to make a set. The hardest part is finding dice that are close enough to a Sharpie color to make the unnecessary pips vanish, or at least very hard to see. I highly recommend using dice that have white pips; they're a lot easier to color, and very easy to see if you are using darkly-colored dice.


Kory sent me a nifty little combat manager for Windows called GamingInit. It tracks initiative and timed effects for players and NPCs. It even handled multiple initiative passes. He also wanted me to mention that he's releasing it into the public domain, so feel free to play with it.

Download GamingInit (1.1 MB ZIP)

Source Code - coming soon

knasser's NPC Roster

This is a compilation of knasser's NPC Roster files I through VI (minus V, I didn't get that one), collected into a single document. It features a magical group, informants, prime runners, bugs, and spirits. And since knasser's a Brit, it's formatted for A4.

Download knasser's NPC Roster (1.2 MB PDF)

knasser's Example Corporate Enclave

A somewhat unfinished example of a corporate enclave by knasser. The PDF is formatted for A4.

Download knasser's Example Corporate Enclave (865 kB PDF)

knasser's Example Matrix Sites

Before there was Unwired, knasser wrote this document to try to illustrate the Matrix and offer some sample systems. This PDF is formatted for A4.

Download knasser's Example Matrix Sites (934 kB PDF)

knasser's Harlequinn Write-Up

For the record, the inclusion of the character Harlequinn in anything makes me sad. However, I did offer to host all of knasser's stuff, and so here it is: a write-up of Harlequinn by knasser. It is somehow poetic that the file is formatted for A4 paper.

Download knasser's Harlequinn Write-Up (35 kB PDF)

knasser's Structure and Design Philosophy of the Matrix

Have no fear, this document is not tech-heavy at all. Our pal knasser came up with this document in hopes of ... well, I'm not sure. It's an essay on the design of the Matrix, I guess. Also formatted for A4.

Download knasser's Example Structure and Design Philosophy of the Matrix (253 kB PDF)

knasser's House Rules

House rules for knasser's games. Probably not vital if you're not anywhere near knasser's UK address, but worth a look, especially if you like to read from A4 paper.

Download knasser's House Rules (10 kB PDF)

knasser's Props Roster

Here are a few props for your games, ranging from drones to foci. This file is a compilation of knasser's Props Rosters I and II, so mad props to him (heh heh). One necessary prop you'll need if you want to print it out is A4 paper.

Download knasser's Props Roster (637 kB PDF)

knasser's Racism Treatise

Racism is still rampant in the Sixth World, and this document (a treatise with some shadowtalk) addresses it. Like all of knasser's work, it's done up on that A4 paper that those durn furriners like t' use.

Download knasser's Racism Treatise (346 kB PDF)

knasser's Shapechangers

Before there was Runner's Companion, there was knasser, who adapted the shapeshifter rules from SR3 and put it into this A4-sized document.

Download knasser's Shapechangers (658 kB PDF)

knasser's Shadowrun Questions

A brief FAQ about the Shadowrun universe. Best Harlequinn answer ever. As usual, knasser has formatted his PDF for A4 paper, probably just to annoy Americans.

Download knasser's Shadowrun Questions (205 kB PDF)

knasser's Unicorn

If you think Shadowrun doesn't have enough unicorns, well, knasser agrees with you. Here are Fourth Edition stats for a unicorn, ready for your team to ... ah ... befriend. Just remember to use A4-sized napkins when you "befriend" it.

Download knasser's Unicorn (49 kB PDF)

knasser's Metatype Comparison Chart

A comparison of metatypes by knasser, from his late archive.

Download knasser's Metatype Comparison Chart (166 kB PNG)

knasser's What Would a Samurai Do?

A graphical description of the capabilities of an average street samurai, worthy of a Time Magazine blurb, by knasser.

Download knasser's What Would a Samurai Do? (179 kB PNG)

knasser's Eberron Archive

It isn't Shadowrun, but knasser's contributed a lot to Shadowrun and now to this site, so this is the new home for knasser's Eberron material.

Download knasser's Eberron Archive (723 kB ZIP)

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