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Welcome to my Shadowrun Resources site, your one-stop shopping experience for resources to help you play Shadowrun 4th Edition. To the right, you will find the categories of the resources available at this site. Each category is described in more detail below.

Please note that these resources will only help you play the game. The actual game rules and suppliments are available at Catalyst Game Labs' official Shadowrun 4 Web site. To go there, use the navigation menu at the right.

Simsense: SR5 House Rules

Just for fun, I created a faster way to play Shadowrun. Yes, I know about Shadowrun: Anarchy, but I started this before that was announced. I pitched an earlier version of this to them in August 2015, but never got a response on it. So here's my version.

Cheat Sheets

These are cheat sheets designed to help both new and experienced players with various common actions in Shadowrun. Each details the steps a player or gamemaster should take to resolve each situation, and includes a list of the variables and modifiers involved for each action.

Additionally, there are cheat sheets for gamemasters, including references and blank forms that I use when I'm running a game.

To see the selection of cheat sheets, use the navigation menu at the right or use this link to the cheat sheets.

Character Generators and Sheets

I was going to create a character generator and a set of modular sheets, but a lot of people beat me to it. This site has the honor of hosting these generators and character sheets, all of which have been tested by pavao.org interns to insure that they don't suck.

To see the character generators and record sheets, use the navigation menu at the right or use this link to the Character Generators and Sheets.

Free Adventures

This section includes a selection of free adventures designed for Shadowrun. As of the time of this writing, they are all by me, although I'm willing to host other quality adventures.

To peruse the free Shadowrun adventures, use the navigation menu at the right or use this link to the Free Adventures.


This category includes everything that is useful but does not fit into the other categories. This includes random ideas and the highly popular Hacker Cards.

To browse through the miscellany of tips and tricks, use the navigation menu at the right or follw this link to the Tips and Tricks.

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