Character Generators and Sheets

Hacker Spreadsheets

This isn't mine, it's Nikoli's, who says: "I have some 3rd and 4th edition hacker tools on my personal site, feel free to consolidate them onto your site. They are excel based and I have a new tool in the works for calculating run prices and keeping track of generic goon squads." I've linked to his site.

Nikoli's Stuff - click here [goes off-site]

Cyberware Spreadsheets

Another bit of work that isn't mine, this time from BnF95 (real name possibly forthcoming). This Excel spreadsheet calculates everything you need for cyberware and bioware.

BnF95's Cyberware/Bioware Spreadsheet - click here

Character Sheet, Dossier, and Combat Sheet

Here are some useful record sheets from ismodred: a character sheet, a complete ten-page character dossier, and a scratch sheet for combat information.

ismodred's character sheet - click here [goes off-site]

ismodred's character dossier - click here [goes off-site]

ismodred's combat scratch pad - click here [goes off-site]

Character Generator Spreadsheet

A nifty Excel spreadsheet by Autarkis and blakkie, with pretty much everything you need to create an SR4 character, including BP calculation, drop-down menus, and content from Street Magic.

SR4Chargen.xls - click here

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