How to Email Aaron

Why is emailing you so annoying?

Well, here's the thing. I'm getting sick of spam. A lot. I get a whole lot of spam. Hundreds of messages a day. Some days over a thousand. It makes me sad and annoyed. Mostly annoyed.

So I'm taking all that annoyance and passing it on to you. In an effort to avoid address-seeking robots, I'm making it weird to reach my email.

At the right you will find one or more email addresses. The text of the addresses are all mixed up, so use the following method to figure out my email addresses. The last part of the email is first, the first part is last, and the '@' goes between. For example, if the address was, the listing at the left would be " after president".

At the moment, the adresses listed are also links, so just clicking them should work. If it doesn't, then spambots have beaten me (this time ...) and I have disabled the links.

Please note that email to will never, ever reach me.