Lab 9.3 - Text Editor 2

Text File

Okay, our text editor is working pretty well, but it could use a bit more oomph.

Modify your text editor from Lab 9.1 so that it also includes an OpenFileDialog, a SaveFileDialog, and a way to set an interval in minutes for which the program automatically saves the file. With this modification, you should do away with the original text box that we used for the file name. Make the new elements behave properly.

Additionally, keep track of whether or not the current file has been changed from the last saved version, and warn the user if she or he is about to quit without saving.

Use your editor to make a text file for testing. Use it to test your reading from and writing to disk.

HINTS: For the love of any and all gods of computing, don't forget to CLOSE YOUR FILES when you're done reading or writing them. Use a global boolean to keep track of whether the data has been changed, and reset it on each save.

As always, design a useful and proper interface.