Lab 8.1 - Hero Tag

Okay, this time we're reaching WAAAAY back to Lab 1.2, with the pic of your favorite superhero.

All you need for this one is a Form, a PictureBox, and a Label. Make the form fairly big, and put the PictureBox right in the middle of it. Load the pic you used in Lab 1.2 into the PictureBox and make it stretch to fit PictureBox. When the user clicks on the image, it moves to a random location on the screen. Keep the PictureBox fully in the form, even after the user resizes the form (bet you wish there was a Resize event, huh? Wait, there is? Okay, you're all good!).

Put the Label in the lower-right hand corner of the form. Make sure it stays there even if the user resizes the form (have I mentioned the Resize event?).

HINTS: Use the Height and Width properties of the PictureBox and of the Form to figure out how big you can make the Top and Left properties without moving the PictureBox off the edge of the Form. Also, include a way to keep the PictureBox from occupying the same space as the Label. Try to use relative terms (i.e. use the properties rather than literals or constants) to mark the boundaries, in case the user resizes the form.