Lab 5.1 - Pizza Refactor

Pizza Refactoring

Remember the Pizza Order Form lab? Lab 3.2, I think it was. Anyway, now that we know how to use procedures and functions, we can make an application that has a lot less code in it.

Refactor your Pizza Order Form lab to use functions and procedures as short-cuts to long, tedious code writing.

HINTS: Also, here are some ideas for which tasks would make good procedures and/or functions:

HINT: You can add more objects to the Handles section of your function and procedure declarations by putting commas between each object, like so:

Sub Cheese_Click(sender As Object, e as EventArgs) Handles chkParmesean.Click, _
	chkCheddar.Click, chkFeta.Click, chkPepperjack.Click, chkSwiss.Click
	If sender.Checked = True Then