Edit CDs

Lab 10.4 - Music Collection: Edit

Write an application that edits data from the comma-separated value file from Lab 10.2. The form should look a lot like the one in Lab 10.2. The user should be able to modify the data. Your program should detect when a change has been made and write the changes to the file.

Additionally, you should have a Delete button. If this is clicked, the program should ask if the user is sure using an OK/Cancel style MsgBox (type 1).

Allow the user to enter a number to edit, or to browse forward and back on the list. The user should not be allowed to walk off of the end of the file.

HINTS: For the love of any and all gods of computing, don't forget to CLOSE YOUR FILES when you're done reading or writing them. Also, make sure that the user is not allowed to walk off of the end of the data by checking the record number before executing any code with it.

As always, design a useful and proper interface.