Lab 1.1: Diplomacy and Socializing

Diplomacy and Socializing

Diplomacy in a game is when players can make deals with one another. For this to be the case, there needs to be some way for one player to help another. One way is to have a built-in mechanic for helping one another. Another way is to have non-exclusive goal, like the goals in Secret Mission Risk. Alliances don't have to last the entire game; in fact, they rarely do. Arguably, two players trading resources, even if they remain bitter rivals, are really in a short-lived alliance.

Socializing is what happens when player talk to one another on a personal level, either about the game or something tangential. If you did the Unit 0 side quest with the McGonigal video (and if you didn't, you should still watch the video because it's really good), you already know that games bring people together. Some games concentrate too much on "realism" or "design" and not on how useful the game is to the actual players. The most successful games allow—or encourage—socializing during play.